Brownville Historic Area

Try to visit both! Get your stamp at either:

Flatwater Folk Art Museum

– Brownville, 609 Main St.
– 402.825.4371
– Fri 1-4pm; Sat 1-4pm; Sun 1-4pm; Call for appointment outside of regular hours

Located in a beautifully renovated church, this museum’s impressive collection of American folk art reflects the human spirit and passion of common folk.
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Whiskey Run Creek Vineyard & Winery

– Brownville, 702 Main St.
– 402.825.4601
– Wed-Thurs 10am-5pm; Fri-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 1-5pm

Between the 100-year-old barn relocated to span the creek, to the turn-of-the-century all brick cave, Whiskey Run Creek is an engaging escape as well as a provider of wines and gifts.
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