09.19.17 Chez Bubba Cafe

by Ellen Wemhoff (Kearney, NE)

Doing the passport program has really helped us find things we have often missed. The Chez Bubba cafe is one of them. We often travel I-80, but have never noticed the sign for this cafe. It was fun to get … READ MORE »

09.19.17 A Perfect Ending!

by Lindsay Hanes (Broken Bow, NE)

Final stop was at North Fork Outfitting. After our long drives across Nebraska, we planned to have some r and r time at the lake. The staff was extremely pleasent and excited to hear that this was our last stop! … READ MORE »

09.19.17 Legends of Clatonia

by Kristine Cecava (Omaha, NE)

What of interest could possibly be in Clatonia, NE. I thought nothing was there. WRONG! This is one of the most pleasant surprises of the whole 80 stops. The town is indeed small, off the beaten path, even for rural … READ MORE »

09.19.17 Creative Flavor, Atmosphere Odyssey

by Kristine Cecava (Omaha, NE)

Hastings NE has a must stop and relax eating experience. The Odyssey. The old style bar, leads to the modern dining ambiance, that leads to a continental sidewalk tree shaded café. Take your pick. The menu is an exploration of … READ MORE »

09.19.17 Food Oasis The Tangled Tumbleweed

by Kristine Cecava (Omaha, NE)

We are sooo conditioned to believe that the best food is found in the largest city and the best food is extremely expensive. Tangled Tumbleweed proves these beliefs to be FALSE. It serves tasty delightful food in and atmosphere of … READ MORE »

09.19.17 Legacy of the Plains

by Kristine Cecava (Omaha, NE)

The North Platte River in Nebraska extends from the Wyoming State line near Henry, NE to Brady, Nebraska. It is a fertile life line for agriculture in Nebraska, particularly in Scottsbluff and Morrill Counties. The people of the area are … READ MORE »

09.19.17 Mari Sandoz High Plains Museum

by Kristine Cecava (Omaha, NE)

Mari Sandoz is another powerful author capturing the history of the last area of Nebraska to be settled and usurped from the Sioux Native Americans. Miles of land with sparse water caused this to the called the Great American Desert. … READ MORE »

09.19.17 Willa Cather, Independent Girl

by Kristine Cecava (Omaha, NE)

Red Cloud, the childhood home of Willa Cather, was one of the unexpected delights of our Passport experience. The breadth and and the depth of the information about Willa Cather and the Nebraska or her you makes this stop one … READ MORE »

09.19.17 NE 150 Celebrates NE Children

by Kristine Cecava (Omaha, NE)

As a lifelong Nebraskan, one the tenets underlying our value system is “Our children are our greatest resource and it is our responsibility to educate them.” NE 150 Mobile Children’s Museum is a delightful, hands on museum, full of children … READ MORE »

09.19.17 All that is Nebraska Museum

by Kristine Cecava (Omaha, NE)

Our stop at the Nebraska History Museum in Lincoln confirmed my belief that this State has a myriad of geological sites, significant historical sites, and talented people who have struggled against the forces of nature and of politics to survive … READ MORE »