06.25.19 Totally Turtles and Tortoises

by Melissa Martin (Shelton, Nebraska)

We visited the Lincoln stops during the weekend. We have visited and loved both Morrill Hall and the Lincoln Children’s Zoo in the past. We really enjoyed all the updates we noticed at the zoo. My daughter is huge fan … READ MORE »

06.24.19 A Quick Trip

by Ruth Whitten (Omaha, Nebraska)

The visit was very nice and the place is newly renovated. Great place for kids with all of the new touch screen information and activity area.

06.24.19 Homestead Days

by Amanda (Omaha, Nebraska)

Aside from one of our crew being stung by a bee (we were laughing about how that would have been the way we kicked the bucket in Oregon Trail 😂😂) we had a great visit! Saw lots of old machinery, … READ MORE »

06.24.19 Our Brood at Brew House

by Amanda (Omaha, Nebraska)

We had a nice time at Brew in Crete. Had an appetizer and the kids enjoyed the “stage” and got some of their wiggles out. Lots of fun memorabilia throughout the building.

06.24.19 Carhenge in the rain!

by Laurie Schramm (Omaha, Nebraska)

We are on our way to stay at Nebraska Passport stop Fort Robinson and we stopped at Carhenge on the way! Great place to visit even when in the rain!

06.24.19 Some days are simply meant for playing

by Jill Frederick (La Vista, Nebraska)

My daughters and I had a BLAST visiting the passport stops in Lincoln! KD Designs Jewelry was our first stop. The boutique is darling. We all loved the charm bar, funny tea towels and darling greeting cards. Next, we visited … READ MORE »

06.24.19 So amazing, I forgot to get my passport stamped

by Mariel Olp (Lincoln, Nebraska)

I fell in love with the Nebraska passport program last year. My three little girls and I went on numerous excursions around the state. We finished with 45 stops last year, and so many amazing memories! However, I was excited … READ MORE »

06.24.19 Something New and Delicious

by Darlene Dvorak (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to visit The Brew House in Crete. Their drink special of the day was a flight of five different flavored mimosas. I did not know there was any kind but the basic recipe! The … READ MORE »

06.20.19 You’re not in Nebraska… or the 21st century… or 20th century.

by Jean Angell (Lincoln, Nebraska)

The museum has an amazing array of items connected to the fur trade. Clothing, guns, trade goods, art, and more, all well marked and displayed. The old log dugout trading post is preserved as it would have looked in it’s … READ MORE »

06.19.19 Marble Mania, Delightful Day at the Daisy, and Kids Being Kids

by Melissa Martin (Shelton, Nebraska)

We stopped into the Dotted Daisy today and found it to be an absolutely adorable little shop. We were a bit sad that we did not know it also had a paint shop. Had we known we may have planned … READ MORE »