10.4.17 Gibbons Honey Farms “Humming Escort”

by Barry Gregory (Hastings, NE)

When my wife was inside Gibson’s Honey Farms buying honeycomb and ChapStick and a few crafts, I was walking around the building and walked almost to the back of the building when bees started to swarm Around My Head. By … READ MORE »

10.4.17 Curiosity Instigated by Comment at Polish Museum

by Jeanine Vetter (Kearney, NE)

When I visited the Polish Museum our guide pointed out a picture of The Last Supper & said she hadn’t ever seen one like it with all the Diciples names printed on the hem of the Table’s tablecloth. I saw … READ MORE »

10.3.17 Small Town Cop

by Karla Schnacker (Hastings, NE)

Claytonia’s Legends restaurant has a great salad bar with great friendly service. I hear from some people I met there they have great chicken with real mashed potatoes. I experienced some great Recees peanut butter cup cheesecake. I would definately … READ MORE »

10.3.17 Warm and Fuzzy

by Karla Schnacker (Hastings, NE)

Never expected to find such a great place in Scottsbluff. Loved the store/ cafe type. Very relaxing to do a little shopping with some wine afterwards. Had a neat patio for the cooler days. Great friendly service. If I lived … READ MORE »

10.3.17 Relaxing Wine

by Karla Schnacker (Hastings, NE)

So enjoyed Junto Wine. Loved the relaxing atomosphere and scenery there. It was a great place to take a walk and relax after the drive. That was definitely one of my favorite wineries I’ve been to so far. It had … READ MORE »

10.3.17 Christmas

by Karla Schnacker (Hastings, NE)

So loved Something Special by Marilyn in Atkinson. Went clear up there one time and was so bummed they were closed. Have to admit I looked in the window and knew I had to come back sometime. Had a great … READ MORE »

10.3.17 Chocolate Time

by Karla Schnacker (Hastings, NE)

Bakers Chocolate in Greenwood was heaven! Who doesn’t like chocolate? Loved running into the candy from back in the day of growing up that was tempting. But then there’s the variety of freshly made chocolate candy that is so different. … READ MORE »

10.3.17 Hideway

by Karla Schnacker (Hastings, NE)

The Speakeasy in Holdrege is a nice getaway for great food. While my date and I are headed down the dark country road that night a lot of things came to mind. Will we find the destination? Will they be … READ MORE »

10.3.17 Hidden Treasure Indeed

by Cinda Schmit (Columbus, NE)

One of our first stops was the Clayton Museum at York College. Wow! The collection of artifacts was amazing and wonderfully displayed. The highlight though was definitely the children’s play area. My kids loved it! They didn’t want to leave. … READ MORE »

10.2.17 Bakers Candies – Nebraska Nice!

by Christine Karschner (Springfield, NE)

Our first stop on our summer passport adventure was Bakers Candies. I mean, who doesn’t absolutely adore chocolate?! Definitely “Nebraska Nice”!