09.20.18 Nebraska Prairie Museum

by Tom Wheeldon (Lincoln, NE)

What a great museum. Spent about an hour looking around and could have spent several more hours. I would recommend that you go see this museum if you are near Holdrege.

09.20.18 Platte Valley Antiques

by Tom Wheeldon (Lincoln, NE)

Great antique store with a lot of antiques and booths. Always fun looking for treasures.

09.20.18 Garden Gallery

by Tom Wheeldon (Lincoln, NE)

I would have never thought this would be in the middle of a neighbor. Will have to check out plants there next year.

09.20.18 Spring Creek Audubon Center

by Rogene Wheeldon (Lincoln, NE)

Unfortunately the center was closed when we arrived and it was raining. We live close so will go back.

09.20.18 Fontenelle Forest

by Rogene Wheeldon (Lincoln, NE)

Did not have time to go through and explore the forest, but will definitely go back someday, it looks like a great place to explore.

09.20.18 Bassett Lodge & Cafe

by Tom Wheeldon (Lincoln, NE)

Stopped for my stamp and had a good home cooked roast beef sandwich at the cafe. The price was reasonable as well.

09.20.18 Roncka Art Gallery

by Tom Wheeldon (Lincoln, NE)

Grew up in the Ashland area and have seen the exhibits many times. Gene Roncka is a great artist.

09.20.18 Mahoney State Park

by Tom Wheeldon (Lincoln, NE)

Can’t wait to go back to the park to do some hiking. This park has so much to do, beautiful views.

09.20.18 Summer Travels

by Rod Denison (Lincoln, NE)

This year was fantastic. Made all 70 stops and met so many wonderful and friendly people. Great variety of stops which made it very interesting to get out and visit them. Can not wait until next year.

09.19.18 Completion

by Chris Fastenau (Sutherland, NE)

My goal this year was to finish all 70 stops. I did it!! I loved seeing all the different areas of Nebraska and hope to see more.