05.22.17 Summer Quest 2

by Glenna Haller (Lincoln, NE)

Our first trip was the South East part of NE. This time we loaded Henry (the puppy) in the RV and headed North. First stop was Norfolk. North Fork Outfitting wasn’t open but we had a lovely picnic lunch by … READ MORE »

05.22.17 To end the day….

by Tisha Gropp (Lincoln, NE)

We were headed home and stopped in Ashland to check out Glacial Till and Postscript. Glacial Till was good. I was going to look at the wine selections, but it was quite busy at the time, so we just continued … READ MORE »

05.22.17 Brew…yes, please

by Tisha Gropp (Lincoln, NE)

My family and I had completed 7 stops on today’s road-trip and I was looking forward to a beer. This place is located in the Benson area of Omaha. Great community! They were doing a Pints and Pups event. If … READ MORE »

05.22.17 Ponderosa Cycle

by Tisha Gropp (Lincoln, NE)

This establishment was closed, when we arrived. The window was inviting though. I checked on the business and it looks like they have a good selection of bikes and biking gear. They also offer Bike and Camps that sound like … READ MORE »

05.22.17 Artist’s Cooperative Gallery

by Tisha Gropp (Lincoln, NE)
Artist's Cooperative Gallery

This Gallery is located in the Old Market in Omaha. My husband and I love going to this area of Omaha. The atmosphere is amazing, and full of life. There are lots of good eats and drinks. My family loves … READ MORE »

05.22.17 The Robin’s Nest

by Tisha Gropp (Lincoln, NE)
Robin's Nest

This was an amazing place!!! I love the decor that they sell. We looked at a couple of older table and chair sets that were amazing. Lots of ideas for the crafty person too.

05.22.17 Who would have know….

by Tisha Gropp (Lincoln, NE)
Museum of Shadows

Who would have known that the town of Elmwood would have such a scary place? We were fortunate enough to get there when they were closed, so we did not get to experience the establishment. (WHEW!!!) My daughter was disappointed, … READ MORE »

05.22.17 Chocolate anyone…

by Tisha Gropp (Lincoln, NE)
Baker's Candies

Baker’s Candies is probably one of my families favorite candy stores. When we go we stock up on just the simple milk chocolate melt-aways. You can’t get chocolate like this anywhere else!!!

05.22.17 The beginning of our adventure

by Tisha Gropp (Lincoln, NE)
UNL Dairy

To begin our passport adventure, we chose UNL Dairy to kick it all off. Since we are from Lincoln we have tasted the amazing flavors that this establishment has to offer, and will ALWAYS go back for more.

05.22.17 Cold and rainy day in Nebraska

by Jodie Knott (Hastings, NE)

What better way to spend a cold and rainy May 20th in Nebraska then collecting stamps in our Nebraska Passport. Today we had the adventure of the Chocolate Bar in Grand Island for a wonderful lunch and perhaps the best … READ MORE »