07.22.17 Glacial Till

by Kathy Broich (Omaha, NE)
Glacial Till

Right across the street from Postscript and enjoy a glass of wine or cider. We got a growler of cider to bring home-very refreshing. We also found out about the Nebraska Wine passport (which does require a purchase at each … READ MORE »

07.22.17 Postscript

by Kathy Broich (Omaha, NE)

Got some cards for future use. Ashland is a great girl’s day out place to go.

07.22.17 Our Corner Cottage

by Kathy Broich (Omaha, NE)
Our Corner Cottage

Cute gift shop and could have spent some serious time and money-too bad I was with hubby! Will have to go back for Christmas shopping.

07.22.17 Main St Studios in Elkhorn

by Kathy Broich (Omaha, NE)
Main Street Studios

This was our 1st stop on a day trip from Omaha. Gorgeous pieces for sale. We met a sculptor working on a piece for Children’s hospital who explained the process-fascinating. There is also a silversmith who offers classes (including wine … READ MORE »

07.22.17 eCreamery

by Kathy Broich (Omaha, NE)

Great place for a break on these hot days! Plus other great shops etc. in the Dundee area. Hard to choose which flavor-they are all good!

07.22.17 Library Tour 2017

by Christine Kaldahl (Omaha, NE)

While Passporting with the family, I have also been documenting local libraries. Here are a few pictures.

07.22.17 Claytonia Food Awesomeness

by Cindi Fosler (Seward, NE)

As a little kid growing up in Lincoln, my grandparents liked to take us to the Red Rooster on South Street. I loved having a little bit of that memory at Legends of Claytonia. You see, the owner of this … READ MORE »

07.22.17 Rustic and Lost

by Lisa Bales (Shelton, NE)

As crazy as it sounds we got lost looking for Rustic and Red in Cozad. Luckily we called the store and they were very kind in giving us better directions:) I bought the cutest little Nebraska shaped magnet to help … READ MORE »

07.22.17 Great Hike

by Lisa Bales (Shelton, NE)

We had a great hike at the Crane Trust. They have trails out to the river. If you are lucky like we were you can climb the observation deck at see their buffalo!

07.22.17 Paper Making at Postscript

by Lisa Bales (Shelton, NE)

Postscript in Ashland was an interesting stop. They have a special book binding class just for passport guests.