Meet some of the people who completed all 80 stops in 2016



10.13.16 Biking Nebraska Counties/Passports Stamps

by Bonnie Meyer (Lincoln, NE )

We started an adventure of riding our bikes in every county of Nebraska. We try to find the smallest town in the county and many times we ride on dirt roads in a small town with big history… when we … READ MORE »

10.13.16 A Grand Trip Through Sandhills Scenic Byway

by Hannah Casey (Lincoln, NE)

Our trip departed from Omaha and we sped down to Lincoln where we stopped at Indigo Bridge Book Store for a cup of joe and a quick walk through the wonderful array of books from both local and national authors. … READ MORE »

10.7.16 ‘Summer Afternoon Stamping’

(Wayne, NE)

We decided to collect some NE passport stamps on this road trip to Omaha. The Saunders County Museum was hard to find with the incorrect printed address, but we did locate the museum. At Louisville, the North Platte Rentals were … READ MORE »

10.5.16 Heatwave Adventure

by Susan Dimmitt (Omaha, NE)

One day this summer, it was too hot to be outside, so I decided to take a road trip for passport stamps. Our new Labrador retriever puppy, Blue, made the trip with me. We headed south and stopped at Peru … READ MORE »

10.3.16 Robert Henri Museum & Historical Walkway

by Cindy Claassen (Plattsmouth, NE)

Unfortunately the museum was already closed by the time we got there so we didn’t get to see the inside of the house. We went to their website to see what we missed. We were on our way home from … READ MORE »

10.3.16 Main Street Gallery & Gifts

by Cindy Claassen (Plattsmouth, NE)

The lady who was working at the gallery when we stopped was so nice to talk to. Little did we know that the Popcorn Days celebration was also going on that day in North Loup and she told us what … READ MORE »

10.3.16 Icon Poly

by Cindy Claassen (Plattsmouth, NE)

I actually drove right past this place the first time. It’s not a very big place but the things they make are incredible. They don’t have very many employees but they have really carved a name for themselves for being … READ MORE »

10.3.16 Henderson Mennonite Heritage Museum & Park

by Cindy Claassen (Plattsmouth, NE)

Because of the GPS not having the location in the right spot I drove right past it and had to turn around. The visitor center houses a gift shop and you can eat an authentic Mennonite meal if you have … READ MORE »

10.3.16 The Madrid General Store

by Cindy Claassen (Plattsmouth, NE)

I’ve lived in NE all of my life and I didn’t even know there was a town called Madrid in the state. Madrid isn’t a very big town. This store reminds me of the old general stores. It is a … READ MORE »

10.3.16 The Pawnee Arts Center

by Cindy Claassen (Plattsmouth, NE)

The place was already closed by the time we got there. I called the number on the front door to see if they knew the PIN because there was limited cell phone service and the electronic PIN wouldn’t work. The … READ MORE »