06.25.17 Nebraska State Capitol

by Shea Holland (Marietta, GA)

My fiance and I originally went to the Nebraska State Capitol to take engagement pictures in the State Law Library. Once the picture session was finished, we visited the gift shop to see what unique Nebraska souvenirs were sold there. … READ MORE »

06.25.17 UNL Dairy Store

by Shea Holland (Marietta, GA)

The UNL Dairy store was a great way to see UNL’s east campus. The store is located next to incredibly cute gardens, and the ice cream is delicious!

06.25.17 Pender Pride

by Darlene Dvorak (Lincoln, NE)
quilt we both liked

The people of Pender should take pride in the beautiful variety of barn quilts displayed there. My friend and I enjoyed driving through the town slowly on a quest to find the most beautiful one. We also had a very … READ MORE »

06.25.17 Chili Dawg’s a Pleasant Surprise

by Darlene Dvorak (Lincoln, NE)
Chili Dawg's

A friend and I stopped in Blair today thinking Chili Dawg’s would be a quick stop. After helping ourselves to some of their samples we decided to stick around and explore. We both found jams and other items we had … READ MORE »

06.24.17 Horn T Zoo

by Michele Baxter (Kearney, NE)
Horn T Zoo

We had such a great time with our 2 year old granddaughter she just love feeding the animals… Well worth the money and thank you to the passport or we would have never known this zoo was there😀

06.24.17 North Fork Outfitting

by Melissa Martin (Shelton, NE)

We had a great time taking out a paddleboat and a kayak. The kids loved being able to steer the paddleboat. Boating is one of my 3-year-olds favorite things.

06.24.17 Pender Quilt Tour

by Melissa Martin (Shelton, NE)
Pender Quilt Tour

The barn quilts are beautiful. This was a wonderful way for this town to come together for a beautiful purpose.

06.24.17 Klown Doll Museum

by Melissa Martin (Shelton, NE)

I am not so sure that I agree this museum should be listed on the thrills and chills list! The clowns were just too cute to be creepy! This was a wonderful collection to see.

06.24.17 Haunted Happenings, Historic Argo Hotel

by Melissa Martin (Shelton, NE)

We stopped in at the historic Argo Hotel in Crofton and asked for a ghost story. We were not disappointed, but you will have to ask for yourself! We also got the opportunity to explore this beautifully restored piece of … READ MORE »

06.24.17 Nebraska Beauty, Niobrara State Park

by Melissa Martin (Shelton, NE)

We stopped at the Niobrara State Park just in time for lunch. We had a lovely picnic with a beautiful view of the river. After lunch we took a short hike and then cooled off in the swimming pool. We … READ MORE »