10.3.17 Hideway

by Karla Schnacker (Hastings, NE)

The Speakeasy in Holdrege is a nice getaway for great food. While my date and I are headed down the dark country road that night a lot of things came to mind. Will we find the destination? Will they be … READ MORE »

10.3.17 Hidden Treasure Indeed

by Cinda Schmit (Columbus, NE)

One of our first stops was the Clayton Museum at York College. Wow! The collection of artifacts was amazing and wonderfully displayed. The highlight though was definitely the children’s play area. My kids loved it! They didn’t want to leave. … READ MORE »

10.2.17 Bakers Candies – Nebraska Nice!

by Christine Karschner (Springfield, NE)

Our first stop on our summer passport adventure was Bakers Candies. I mean, who doesn’t absolutely adore chocolate?! Definitely “Nebraska Nice”!

10.2.17 Our Friends

by Betty Slayden (Omaha, NE)

My sister and I have done passports for the last few years I have done them a lot longer than my sister. This year we added a couple of our friends who have done a lot of traveling with us. … READ MORE »

10.2.17 The Doorman

by Kim Harris (Craig, NE)

On our trip to the State Capital we decided to enter the building from the bottom floor. As we approached the entrance (being females) a kind gentleman held the door for us. To our amazement it happened to be Governor … READ MORE »

10.2.17 Looks Like a Dive but WOW!

by Lloyd Probasco (Lincoln, NE)

On one of our last Passport trips we made reservations to have dinner at the Speakeasy, a Passport venue outside of Holdrege. Got there early and met several others Passport people. All of us wandered what we had gotten ourselves … READ MORE »

10.2.17 Make Reservations

by Lloyd Probasco (Lincoln, NE)

Hard to believe that one of the best dining experiences you can have in NE is outside Lincoln and Omaha. But, believe me, try the Odyssey in Hasting – for lunch or for dinner. But if you go, even for … READ MORE »

10.2.17 Best Chicken Dinner Ever

by Lloyd Probasco (Lincoln, NE)

Many of us who live in Lincoln think Lee’s is the best fried chicken in the city. Gotta get out of the city and try the broasted chicken at Legends of Clatonia in Clatonia, NE. It’s a short drive from … READ MORE »

10.2.17 Unique and Inspirational Venue

by Lloyd Probasco (Lincoln, NE)

I’ve been to Atkinson many times while working. Ran into a lot of turkey driving to the Lutheran Church, but, never visited the downtown area. Found, through Nebraska Passport, a very unique and inspirational spot there called Something Special by … READ MORE »

10.2.17 The Citadel “Citta’Deli” Experience

by Lloyd Probasco (Lincoln, NE)

Name didn’t make sense until we got there and understood the name to be a take-off on Citadel. For those wanting a “order at the counter” served at your table deli experience with super good food – you’ve gotta try … READ MORE »