10.2.17 Only at Ole’s

by Cari Musgrove (Lincoln, NE)

What an interesting adventure inside a restaurant! From eating beside a tall giraffe to gazing at the elephant head across from us, we had a meal that was very unique. The food was tasty and I recommend going even if … READ MORE »

10.2.17 Sweet Stop!

by Cari Musgrove (Lincoln, NE)

I would highly recommend stopping at Bakers Candies in Greenwood, NE. Large assortments of chocolate flavors tempt your tastebuds, as well as “made in Nebraska” items the store carries. We have stopped several times since we made our first stop … READ MORE »

10.2.17 Spicy Stop!

by Cari Musgrove (Lincoln, NE)

We stopped at Chili Dawg’s Foods of Fire – what a yummy stop! Samples of their habanero jam and seasonings were displayed for us to try and the ladies were very friendly. I bought several different kinds and we have … READ MORE »

10.2.17 A Local Wonder

by Lloyd Probasco (Lincoln, NE)

We have been told for several years that we should visit Speedway Motors Museum of America in Lincoln, NE. But, we put it off year in and year out. Then, when it appeared on this year’s Nebraska Passport program, we … READ MORE »

10.2.17 Hot Dawg

by Lloyd Probasco (Lincoln, NE )

Under the category of Hidden Treasure was Chili Dawg’s Foods of Fire. As we drove to Blair we really thought we were going to have lunch at Chili Dawg’s Foods of Fire. However, Chili Dawg’s is not a restaurant! It … READ MORE »

10.2.17 Up and Coming Brownville

by Lloyd Probasco (Lincoln, NE )

Under “Hidden Treasure” category was Brownville Historic Area. As we drove around the area and walked a portion of it, we were entranced with the serenity and beauty. We were also impressed with the portion of the downtown area and … READ MORE »

10.2.17 Mom’s Big Adventure

by Cathy Peterson (Omaha, NE)

My mom, a very spry 79, decided that she wanted to see Chimney Rock before she reached the age of 80. She also decided she wanted as many passport stamps as possible. So, one of my younger sisters decided to … READ MORE »

10.2.17 40 Stops

by Nicole Wilson (Gretna, NE )

My family planned on going to Fort Robinson, the National Forest, and Carhenge over labor day weekend. We planned the trip over New Years. Imagine my happiness when I discovered all 3 stops were on the list. From that discovery … READ MORE »

10.2.17 The Potter’s Hand

by Jeff Bro (Papillion, NE)

Cedar Creek Pottery is tucked away in a rustic old church on a country road south of Beatrice. What amazing pottery beautifully displayed on antique hutches and tables! You could spend a lot of time here and not get tired … READ MORE »

10.2.17 In-House Artist

by Eunice Jalass (Omaha, NE)

Main Street Studios & Gallery in Elkhorn has in-house artist. This added so much to my visit experience. Seeing how the art is created gave me a true appreciation of their creative ability. Well worth the visit.