Curiosity Instigated by Comment at Polish Museum

When I visited the Polish Museum our guide pointed out a picture of The Last Supper & said she hadn’t ever seen one like it with all the Diciples names printed on the hem of the Table’s tablecloth. I saw nothing strange about it as I was sure mine (which my mom said hung above their table as long as she could remember. She was born in 1909) had the names & yes it does. It got me to thinking & since then I’ve been asking lots of people including my pastor if they’d seen pictures with or without the names on the Tablecloth’s hem. So far the ones that have checked out their available pictures say the names aren’t there. I’m not sure where my grandparents’ picture came from but both had come to the US individually & were Bohemian. I’d be interested in hearing other responses on this topic. I can honestly say without this Passport Tour I probably wouldn’t have visited the Polish Museum or ever had curiosity about this. Thanks for this opportunity!