Eisley’s Wildcat Hills

I thought I had been through the Wildcat Hills south of Scottsbluff hundreds of times and I would only need to be there to get the stamp. Wrong. First, the visitors center offers a breathtaking view of the Wildcat Hills, with Scottsbluff in the distance. That alone is worth the trip. And then the information inside about Loren Eisley’s excavation of the Saber Tooth Cats Locked in a Death Battle made me appreciate where I was standing in a new way. Loren Eisley is a famous scientist and writer that does not get the acknowledgement from Nebraskan’s he has earned. We need to add his name to the list of household names. Once again, we were reminded that we are only the current occupants of this land, many powerful creatures and plants, came before us, and many will come after us. Give thanks for the gift of being here now.