From East to West

We packed up for our little excursion after a rough week at work. My family loves road trips and this Nebraska Passport has been fun the past two years we’ve participated. We decided that I80 would be the first path which encompassed quite a few stops, which we loved.

One of the stops in Lincoln was for a nice little bakery. I got some delicious tiny macaroons. Next stop I loved was the Archway, great majestic thing right over the highway. Kind people all around thy he area and cute gift shop.

Finally, we we’re heading to Scottsbluff for the night before the zoo the next day when we ran into a huge storm. We weren’t able to see anything but a downpour and had to use instincts to drive carefully through it. When I thought I was cleared a huge hail storm bashed my car over and over whilst being hit with semi splash. After we finally got out of this horrible situation we took in the nice beautiful skies over the bluffs before calling it a night.

All in all a great experience and can’t wait to do it again next year.