Marble Mania, Delightful Day at the Daisy, and Kids Being Kids

We stopped into the Dotted Daisy today and found it to be an absolutely adorable little shop. We were a bit sad that we did not know it also had a paint shop. Had we known we may have planned a longer visit!! Maybe it will be cause for a return visit. As it was we found some cute little potted plants and my daughter was pleased to choose one for a pot she made at another passport stop (The Happy Brush) earlier this year.


The River’s Edge was our third stop of the day and boy were we hungry when we got there! The food was delicious and satisfying and we left fat and happy!!



We visited the Clayton the last time it was a passport stop and remembered it as a unique favorite from that year. It did not disappoint this year either. The kids, even the bigger ones, enjoyed playing in the historically accurate marketplace. So much fun even the second time!!


We visited Lee’s marble museum today and we were completely shocked by the number of marbles we found. It was amazing! The kids were excited to each be gifted a small bag of marbles and my turtle crazed daughter was excited to find an adorable wooden turtle to add to her collection.