Neihardt Days and a Sugar Rush

We stopped in Wayne on our way home from Neihardt Days! The owners were so nice, and shared some of their story with us and let us sample the different varieties. It was such a family friendly place, with the owner’s kids even hanging out, and games to play at the tables. We played Jenga and each had a drink before heading out. The boys loved their giant mugs of root beer, which resulted down the road in an emergency bathroom stop in Scribner.

We were so excited to see this stop on the passport as our kids attend Neihardt Elementary. We had never been and we really wanted to turn it into a learning/appreciation experience for the kids. Come to find out when pulling up the info, John G. Neihardt Day was coming up, so we planned for our visit that day – AND one of the speakers was an old family friend, Ron Hull, so we made quite the day of it. Had such a good trip listening to the ceremony, having lunch, and visiting! Picture of our very own Neihardt Knights! Oh, and obviously, we had to inspect Bancroft’s local public playground. 😂