Ord – Valley County

Rolling into Ord we crossed the Loup River and the railroad tracks. Yes, most towns in Nebraska have a story that includes the coming of the railroad and a river. It is a beautiful oasis, smack dab in the middle of Nebraska. Another of Nebraska’s town squares unfolded before us. We found the Husk Theater. Anxious to see what this adventure held, there was a sign on the door telling Passporters to go on down to the corner and across the street we would find our stamp. So we did. To our dismay, there was a sign on the door saying I’ll be back in 5 min. So we decided to stroll. sure enough, we were not 10 feet down the sidewalk when we heard, Wait! I’m coming. Here she was running down the street to let us in. Small towns are that way. One neighbor helps another. One business helps another. We trust each other. Yes, Ord is a great example of how a small town coordinates with each other to get the job done. It makes me so proud to be a Nebraskan. The store was lovely also.