09.17.19 Beautiful Nebraska You!

by Shannon Cook (Wood River, Nebraska)

I love exploring the state I grew up in, the state I continue to call home. The stops on each passport are truly treasures and as years pass have become stops I remember them and continue to visit. The best … READ MORE »

09.16.19 Hungry Yogi’s

by Clifford (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Stopped into The Mixing Bowl for a unique dinning experience on the way to cheer on the Huskers in Boulder. The game didn’t go the way we wanted but the restaurant was above and beyond expectations.

09.16.19 Go Big Red

by LeAnn and Mark Placek (Alliance, Nebraska)

What a place to finish our 2019 Passport Tour. Our last stop brought us right to our favorite place to visit in Nebraska. Thanks for another great summer of visits across the state. It is amazing how many people you … READ MORE »

09.16.19 Celebrating All 70 Stops!

by Sean, Brooke, Kaelyn, and Sadie (Plattsmouth, Nebraska)

We did it! We started the first weekend in May, and we made our final stop September 14th, 2019. We decided to make the Springfield Old Fashioned Soda place our final stop. That way we could celebrate with ice cream! … READ MORE »

09.16.19 Nebraska Fun

by Alberta O'Donnell (Omaha, Nebraska)

Thanks you, Nebraska Tourism, for this wonderful program. There was not a stop I didn’t enjoy, and I have rturned to several (Odyssey-3rd visit, The Brix-2nd visit, The Bludbird, Fort Atkinson, Too Far North, Blue Blossum Floral & Gifts, Halsey, … READ MORE »

09.10.19 Beautiful Quilts

by Ruth Whitten (Omaha, Nebraska)

I was amazed at the amount of beautiful quilts all made by the owners and a coworkers.

09.10.19 2019 Passport completed!! Our 70th stop😊

by Shannon Hendrickson and JoAnna Scott (Broken Bow, Nebraska)

We had a great time visiting our beautiful State.

09.10.19 Last Stop

by Sandi Cole (Hayes Center, Nebraska)

This was a great place to finish our Passport Nebraska. The food was delicious, the interior was inviting and the service was wonderful. Crete is fortunate to have a business such as this in there city.


by Gina Childers (Bellevue, Nebraska)

We have been enjoying the Nebraska Passport for a few years now and this year we made it a goal to complete all the stops, and We Did It! Many miles in the car, lots of road trip snacks, a … READ MORE »

09.10.19 Passport Full!

by Janelle Taylor (York, Nebraska)

We made it to 70! The Passport Program was a great adventure. It was a summer full of mini-vacations and we had a blast! There is so much to learn about our beautiful state and it felt good to spend … READ MORE »