History of the Nebraska Passport

  • Each year the Nebraska Passport features destinations throughout the state, helping travelers find Nebraska’s “hidden gems.”
  • The Nebraska Passport is special because it offers a wide variety of travel adventures, including: museums, parks, restaurants, wineries, retail stores, and more.
  • 2018 is the 9th year of the program. View program statistics.
  • Passport stops are chosen each year through an application process. Learn more about becoming a Passport stop.

Passport FAQs

How the Passport Works
How long do I have to collect stamps?
What do I do if a Passport stop is closed when I arrive?
Can people with the same address each submit a prize entry form and be eligible for prizes?
Can I turn in both booklet stamps and digital stamps?
How do I download the Nebraska Passport App?
Can households combine stamps from multiple booklets and apps?
Can I get a stamp for another person if they are not able to make it to the Passport stop?
Is there a fee to participate in the Passport program?