We invite Nebraska businesses to partner with the Nebraska Tourism Commission to promote the Nebraska Passport program. Encourage your employees to use their time off to enjoy the many great opportunities and attractions that Nebraska has to offer.

According to multiple research reports, people who take vacations have lower stress and less risk of heart disease, as well as a better outlook on life and more motivation to achieve goals. Research shows that even just 24 hours away benefits individuals. Additionally, a big boost in happiness comes from simply planning a vacation.

By becoming a corporate sponsor, you can choose to:

  • Have Nebraska Tourism Commission staff present information about the 2017 Nebraska Passport program to your employees and/or host an informational table
  • Receive newsletter templates and graphics to include in your employee newsletters throughout the Nebraska Passport season (May-September)
  • Receive other marketing materials to display, including flyers and signs
  • Receive ideas on how to turn the Nebraska Passport into a fun competition among your employees

There is no charge to become a Nebraska Passport program corporate sponsor.

For more information, please complete the following form.