Every year the Nebraska Passport generates millions of dollars in traveler spending and local and state tax revenue. Following are the results of the 2017 program:

  • $5.7 million in traveler spending
    • $1.4 million food and beverages in restaurants and bars
    • $1.3 million on overnight accommodations
    • $500,000 on entertainment and recreation
    • $1.5 million on retail purchases, including motor fuel and groceries
  • $469,500 in local and state tax revenue
  • For every $1 invested, the Nebraska Passport Program generates:
    • $26.60 in travel spending
    • $4.90 in travel-generated earnings
    • $2.20 in state and local tax receipts

From “Economic Impacts: Nebraska Passport Program,” a study conducted by Dean Runyan Associates, 2017.