Red Willow Lake

I always forget the innovative nature of rural residents. If you find yourself without the resources you would like to have, you make what you have do with ingenuity and determination. This recreation area is near McCook and truly a prairie experience. When we arrived, we thought the stamp and headquarters would be in the camp area. Wrong. So we headed down the road viewing the lake. On the right we saw a home, probably it was the home of one of the Game and Parks Employee. We thought about stopping there, but did not want to disturb the family time. So we headed on. Finally we stopped at a commercial concession. the people were fun, kind and informative. Yes, the office with the stamp was back at the house. So back we went. There hanging on the side of the building, was the stamp, directions on how to use and a place to sign. Nebraskans believe in the goodness of people. It worked, even when no one was available to man the office. Good Job!!!