So amazing, I forgot to get my passport stamped

I fell in love with the Nebraska passport program last year. My three little girls and I went on numerous excursions around the state. We finished with 45 stops last year, and so many amazing memories! However, I was excited to challenge myself this year to try to get all 70! I was incredibly excited when I got to plan a “just mom” trip. My awesome husband entertained our daughter’s with Legos and Mario Kart during the weekend and I traipsed all around the Good Life. The national forest was one of my stops on the first day of my two day trip. It was beautiful and breathtaking, and I had such a fun time climbing the huge tower and overlooking all of it! However, when I got to my Airbnb in Harrison that night, I realized I had loved it so much that I had not gotten my booklet stamped or stamped it in my app… So, it became a part of my journey home.