‘Summer Afternoon Stamping’

We decided to collect some NE passport stamps on this road trip to Omaha. The Saunders County Museum was hard to find with the incorrect printed address, but we did locate the museum. At Louisville, the North Platte Rentals were closed so did plan B. The Air & Space Museum offers much to see. We enjoyed seeing the many rockets and planes. Springfield was near, so got stamped at the authentic Soda Fountain Drug and got the full story of the business by the owner.
Did you know there are 48 Springfield cities in the US? The business entered a contest and received this entertaining family as a gift for their participation. As you may recall, The Simpsons is one of the longest running TV shows. Springfield, the city, became populated with some hilarious characters with these residents at the drugstore. Now, see for yourself, who is the greatest character? The gang posing are: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. We had an enjoyable day driving in ‘ nice Nebraska.’

'Impressive Rock part of the museum's landscape'

‘Impressive Rock part of the museum’s landscape’

'Platte Rental for your Enjoyment'

‘Platte Rental for your Enjoyment’

'The Simpson Family'

‘The Simpson Family’