Taylor Toad Mishap

So upon arriving in Taylor, NE for the Taylor Community Arboretum we took a picture and then went across the street to the visitor center which was in an old gas station. My children spotted a small toad and thought it was the coolest thing to play with. My oldest gave her phone to my youngest daughter who promptly put it on a picnic table outside. As they got caught up playing with the toad they completely forgot about the phone (an old iphone handed down to her). Our next stop was the Pizza Palace in Burwell and thank goodness she remembered about the phone after visiting Burwell and we had to go back to Kearney and back through Taylor. The phone was just where she had left it thank goodness. The toads of Taylor had made that visit very interesting and fun enough to forget the technology even!! We did end up visiting the Kearney Arch as well and had a great day!! What a neat museum!