The Great Nebraska Roadtrip

My family of 4 decided that this would be a great opportunity to view Nebraska at its full beauty and go to new places. It was a good experience because you would have never known all the things you can do in Nebraska of all places. Our first stop was the Stuhr Museum, there we mixed learning and fun! Second stop was Ogallala where we saw the aquifer. Carhendge was super cool to see and one of my favorites. I enjoyed looking at how you can make art out of anything. Our next activity was my favored overall… tubing down the Niobrara Smith Falls, and Cowboy Trail. Tubing wasn’t on the list, but we’ve always wanted to do it so why not. Also Smith Falls was on the way. Tubing and hiking was relaxing yet adventurous! Smith Falls was so cold and powerful. My brother and I climbed on the rocks around it and the powerful water came down onto our heads. I wish we could’ve gone to more places but we did what we could! This was such a fun experience and I hope to do it again next year!

The Grand Island Stuhr Museum! Me and my mom walking on stilts.

A part of Carhendge! Besides just cars they also had dinosaurs made of parts!

Tubing down the Niobrara River and seeing Smith Falls wasn’t my favorite! It was a fun d relaxing thing everyone’s enjoyed.