The Wild West (of Omaha)

My betrothed and I travelled the dusty trails for many days, watching the sun and moon dance before our eyes. We saw many head of cattle in that time, and more prairie dogs than we could count. Eventually we wound our weary way to the legendary Elkhorn, and dismounted at a local watering hole.

“We’re looking for Main Street”, says I.

“You’re in the wrong place,” said a local thug. “Shoulda stayed on yer side of the state.” It was then I knew: get out or get fisticuffs!

We decided to go peacefully, and turns out, we had already found Main Street. Across the street was the place we sought. Main Street Studios & Gallery! We thought we’d never find it.

We swaggered in and got our passports stamped, and decided to stay for a while. There were many friendly cowhands here. We surveyed the local artwork, and found it just as good as reported. We noted that someday, when we have a few more gold coins to rub together, we will return.