Create your perfect Passport travel plan with our themed tours. Complete a whole tour or pick and choose your favorite stops for a truly unique experience.


Find Your Park

We offer this tour in celebration of our country’s 100th anniversary of the National Parks system. Whether you’re into fishing, canoeing, camping or just exploring, you’re sure to find your ideal excursion on this unrivaled tour of the great outdoors.

Rise ‘n Shine

Early riser? Then this tour is your wake-up call to experience all of Nebraska’s blissful morning glory. Expect your fair share of java shops and morning cafés. You’re sure to go home from this one knowing that there is truly nothing out there like a Great Plains sunrise.

Where Art Thou

Get a personal look at some of the greatest artistic works ever created and/or placed on display in the land of The Good Life®. From east to west, this collection of museums, galleries, and more is sure to paint you a perfect picture of the wonders that come from talent and imagination.

Order Up!

Bakeries, steak houses, cafés and more. The Order Up! tour holds the single goal to satisfy your taste buds’ every desire. Indulge and experience authentic delight in every bite.

How It’s Made

Learning is synonymous with traveling. Whether it’s a well-crafted brew or the threads that form a tapestry, Nebraskans create incredible things. You’ll leave each destination with more knowledge than when you arrived.

Flavors of Nebraska

Our heritage gives us insight into who we are. Dig deeper into the cultural makeup of our state by visiting these stops—you will broaden your world.

Prairie Treasure

Finders keepers. This one’s a real steal, featuring only the best in terms of illustrious antiquities and treasure troves. All your X’s are marked below, so get out there and find your prize.

Earth + Sky

Up, down and all around, this tour takes you from underground anomalies to the vast outer limits of space—and humanity’s unending progression towards it. Get out and enjoy the adventure.

Nebraska on Film

Discover some of Nebraska’s most prolific film, music, and entertainment industry talents. This tour features establishments attributed to film industry activists and benefactors such as Johnny Carson, Harold Lloyd, Darryl Zanuck and more. Not to mention a museum bearing the costumes used in the recent film The Revenant.

Rise Above

We’ve all heard it: “Nebraska is flat.” Experience eight destinations that bust this myth—drive, hike, or bike up hills that you didn’t know existed, and you’ll be rewarded with a sense of rising above.