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How does getting booklet stamps work?
Is there a fee to participate in the Passport Program?
Can I get Passports stamped for people not present?
How does getting digital stamps work?
Can I collect both digital and booklet stamps? How do I get credit for all my stamps?

Every Passport traveler should download the Nebraska Passport app. Through the app you will receive notifications about unexpected Passport stop hour changes and important announcements.

The app also includes directions to the stops through Google maps. The app is free to download and is available for both iPhones and Androids; simply search for “Nebraska Passport” in your app store. You can create multiple accounts on one phone, so multiple people can collect stamps on one phone by logging in and out of accounts.

What if a Passport stop changes hours and I don’t have the app?
What do I do if a Passport stop is closed when I arrive?
What if I don’t have the app and have to visit a stop when it’s closed? Are selfies allowed?
How long do I have to collect Passport stamps?
Why can't I collect stamps all year long?
Can more than one person from the same household earn prizes?
Can households combine stamps from multiple booklets and apps?
Why are the Passport stops spread across the state?
How are Passport stops chosen?
How do I share my Passport stories on social media?