Unique and Inspirational Venue

I’ve been to Atkinson many times while working. Ran into a lot of turkey driving to the Lutheran Church, but, never visited the downtown area. Found, through Nebraska Passport, a very unique and inspirational spot there called Something Special by Marilyn. What a great specialty store. Many, many items in their inventory. Most of it centers around Christmas articles but they also display articles for the different seasons of the year. We understand that this place gets customers from all over NE, SD and ND, IA and elsewhere. And, once you visit there you will understand why. Then, in today’s paper (Lincoln Journal Star) there appeared an article entitled “A Brush With Brewing.” The article is about a couple from Lincoln and Omaha starting a brewery in the small town of Atkinson. The article clearly spells out the success of the Atkinson businesses, including “Something Special by Marilyn.” They sell each others business. And, gotta have a malt at the 5 and dime store.