A Journey of Memories

As I traveled Nebraska by myself this year I recalled the variety of people I have met and learned from across Nebraska. As a retired state employee for 40 years, I have thousands of memories of all the road trips in state cars to deliver training for the Department of Health and Human Services. Towns where I meet in town halls, county courthouses, schools and churches with foster families, child protective service workers, and other DHHS staff. I was most impressed in this last day to travel through the tribal lands of the 3 recognized Native American tribes of Nebraska and to see the cultural center of the 4th recognized Nebraska tribe who has no land but our famous Chief Standing Bear. My state employment journeys took me to each of these to provide support for their work with families also. Finally, I enjoyed memories of taking my grandchildren on previous Passport trips. This is my 10th year participating and the first where it was not possible to bring them along. I look forward to next year and hope to continue to see the beauty and greatness of Nebraska!