A Memorable and Tasty Stop

Last July, my 18-year-old daughter and I set out to attempt hitting all 70 stops in the passport. One of our favorite stops was the Kimball Bakery/Merrycakes in Kimball, NE. The baker, JP, let us come into the building a few minutes early when he saw us waiting outside. It was hard to choose a doughnut, but I went with a chocolate creme-filled one and I am so glad I did! It brought back memories for me of a doughnut I used to get as a child in my hometown in a different state. As we sat in our car eating our doughnuts, the owner (Mary Sue) came out and introduced herself. What an amazing lady with a cool story! She ended up bringing us some additional, complimentary doughnuts that she wanted us to try! We left there filling so full….of doughnuts, and of good memories of newfound friends that make amazing bakery! And guess what?? We did end up hitting all 70 spots that fantastic week in July!