Brew, Quilts, Shopping, and Science

Our trip to Rustic and Red in Cozad became and unexpected science project. They sell little bags of a candy as an inexpensive choice for the kids. I being a big kid decided to purchase some peach gummy rings… next week and new passport adventure… and a melted but quilt beautiful gummy baggie of gummy glob in my car. Hilarious!

We stopped at the Main Street Market in Milford, NE and it was literally the brightest part of our day (see photo) 🙂 All joking aside, it was a great little market. My daughter said they sold the best caramel she has ever tasted! And I bought fresh squash and zucchini which was a great addition to dinner!

For a little southern charm in Norfolk, NE be sure to stop at Magnolias!

What a fun shop in Albion, NE. A little bit of something for everything. I picked up the perfect gift for my neighbor and I wasn’t even looking for one!

(The Dotted Daisy)

Wagner’s Quilt Shop in Arapahoe was our last stop on our passport adventure day and we arrived just a few minutes before closing. All I have to say is what wonderfully kind ladies. They did not rush us at all and even took the time to talk. Friendliness abounds in Arapahoe, NE!

The rain didn’t stop us from exploring Cottontail Vintage in Clarkson, NE.

Honestly this stop in York is perfect. Old toys… check, marbles… check… coins and collectables… check. And a free gift for the kids… THANK YOU, Lee’s Legendary Marbles you rock!

I was completely impressed by the Sculpture Garden in Oconto, NE. What amazing artwork. The kids had a blast creating photographic stories with the sculptures 🙂

We went to the Golden Spike Tower in North Platte, NE. We went up by elevator and down by stairs. This kids thought I was crazy but seeing the “guts” of the tower was more fun than they thought.

We had a lovely little picnic on our epic 8 stop day at Fort Atkinson in Fort Calhoun, NE. They kids gulped down their food as quickly as possible to have time to explore the Fort. Perfect weather, happy kids and fun with friends… what a perfect day.

My daughter and her friend have been friends for their entire lives. It is a wonderful mom moment when you can watch your kids play no matter what age! Clayton Museum of Ancient History in York, NE is great fun and its FREE!

We were lucky enough to happen upon a Go Green day at Morrill Hall in Lincoln, NE. They were using a bike to blend smoothies. Delicious and no carbon footprint… double win!

My friend’s daughter loves turtles so our visit was full of looking for “totally turtles” but the mom’s got in on the fun this time too!

(Lincoln Children’s Zoo)

We were on yet another passport adventure and we decided to time our drive so we could eat lunch at Shotgun Annie’s in Callaway, NE. The kids loved their burgers and nachos but I have to say the salad bar was worth the stop.

We made it down to McCook, NE. Which always feels like quite a jaunt and were not at all disappointed in what we found. Delicious and fresh… YES and YES.

We had lunch at the River’s Edge which is in the Ramada in Columbus, NE. I was unsure about eating at a hotel. Would it be expensive, slow, just okay? No it was just the opposite. Reasonably priced, great service and most importantly DELICIOUS! I would recommend their turkey wrap to anyone 🙂

We stopped by the Red Path Gallery and Tasting Room in Seward, NE at the end of our adventure filled day. Unfortunately, we missed out on wine from one of my favorite wineries, Nissen Wines but we did get to see some awesome artwork. My little niece loved the cool guitars. If you like wine, artwork or whiskey this is a stop for you.

If you are a lover of all things fancy this stop if for you! My daughter saw the cutest little succulent planter that looked like the ever popular llama.

(Fia + Belle)

We stopped by the Brew Coffee House in Valley, NE as part of our epic 8 stop passport day! It was a much needed and very delicious break. After an Iced Mocha and delicious Pineapple Smoothie we took a quick peak at their outdoor courtyard, wished we could have stayed longer and headed back to the car to hit some more stops!!!