One rainstorm and two tents later, we had a camp out!

Well, it was almost as if the bee sting was an omen of bad luck to come. We had prepped for this tent camp out, physically and mentally (mainly me on the mental part). Everything was going to plan, we arrived on schedule, found a beautiful scenic tent site, and had plenty of time to set up camp and explore the park. And then, we unpacked the car. First, we were caught in a rainstorm mid setup. On top of getting completely drenched, a big wind gust, unfortunately, snapped our tent’s main support pole. We were about to throw in the towel and there were some tears shed, but with some helpful suggestions from the park staff, we set off for Bomgaars in nearby Creighton, NE where we had called and had a new tent set aside for us. So, after a few speed bumps in the road, we finally had our campsite setup and ready to enjoy. It was perfect weather, we got a little hiking in, had our hotdogs and smore’s, and we even got to see an amazing full moon.