The application for the 2021 Nebraska Passport Program is now open!

Deadline: November 30, 2020

  • Who would be the point person for the Passport program at your destination?
  • If we cannot get in touch with the primary contact, who do we reach out to next?
  • How do you explain your destination to others? What can visitors expect when they visit your destination?
  • Your response should address the uniqueness of the stop, the significance of your site in the Nebraska Tourism industry, etc.
  • Your response should address your willingness to spread the mission of your destination to travelers, your willingness to be available to travelers, etc.
  • We need to ensure each destination is open for the duration of the program. For example, businesses open only Memorial Day - Labor Day may be asked to extend operations to the necessary days.
  • The Passport Program runs May 1-Sept. 30. Hours of operation are very important. Preference is given to destinations that have hours that are consistent and convenient for travelers.
  • What themes or categories does your destination fall into? Check all that apply.
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