Passporting 2020

2020 has been quite the year for everyone. Being of the group type that are to take extra precautions for the COVID-19 virus, by the time Passport Nebraska started in June, I was more than ready to get out and explore. So with my face mask and plenty of hand sanitizer and started my Passport adventures bright and early on June 1st. I worked my way through the Northwestern side of the state and returned home to Broken Bow.

After a short rendezvous with my daughter Gerri and her husband Dana out west, I went on to the southwestern part of Nebraska. If you haven’t been to the Madrid General Store, I recommend that you be sure to stop there early on Thursday morning when they are open! Very good hot and fresh-baked items. I continued on the passport trail and made my way through the middle of the state, Fort Kearney has some wonderful views!
Next, I met up with my daughter Juli and her husband Tim in Lincoln for a long weekend of Passporting. First southeastern Nebraska, where we relaxed on the Worlds Largest Porch Swing, curiosity got to us and we had to get out the tape measure, it’s 32 feet long!

The Tree Adventure at Arbor Day Farm wasn’t open for business but we were happy that there was someone there to stamp our books.

Then it was up to Niobrara to camp for the night, and where we met up with my son Jim and his wife Leesa, they were working on their passports too! Passporting has become a family affair.

Bartlett was our first stop on Sunday. We all decided to check out the Mignery Bronze Garden was our favorite stop; don’t miss it, and hope that you arrive on a day when Bob is there to tell you about the statues and Herb the artist, who is a childhood friend of Bob’s.  Very informative and interesting.

We then worked our way through Blair, Lincoln and Omaha. Mulhall’s Garden + Home is every plant lovers dream! I had only two stops remaining on Monday evening and planned on getting them on the way home, but storms foiled my plans and I beelined it back to Broken Bow.

I just couldn’t handle it, I had to get my last stamps, so early, early Wednesday morning I headed back across the state, I did bet to see a beautiful Nebraska sunrise for getting up so early!

I visited the Harmony Nursery and Daylily Farm, it’s definitely on my return visit list, and last but not least were the relaxing views at Branched Oak State Park, took a nap and a picnic supper with my daughter and my passport traveling companion dog Topher!

Between July 1st and Oct 31, hopefully, be able to go and see some of the places that weren’t open in June. I thoroughly enjoy Passport Nebraska this is my 5th year of doing all the stops and discovering more of what my state has to offer!