11.3.20 So many stops, Momma

by Jeanette Broxterman (Lincoln, NE)

I decided early on that the kids and I were going to do all of the Passport Stops this year. They have always been very enthusiastic about it and love following along in their Passport booklets. We have recruited grandparents … READ MORE »

11.3.20 Hidden Speciality

by Karla Schnacker (Hastings, NE)

I so loved the atmosphere of their patio seating during Covid. So much that this is the first time in the 4 years of doing passport I have gone back a 2nd time before the passport ended for that year. … READ MORE »

10.27.20 Our new stop!

by Susan Strahm (Pender, NE)

We discovered this great place in June as we started the passport travels this year. Every time we need to head south/west, we plan to stop in Lindsey at the Farmer’s Wife for some great refreshments and of course some … READ MORE »

10.27.20 Road Trip Lovers

by The Amens (Waverly, NE)

This was our first year participating in the passport program. My thirteen-year-old daughter and twin three-year-old boys truly discovered their love of road trip adventures this year as we worked our way around the state. During our big trip to … READ MORE »

10.27.20 Lots of History

by Ashley Ortiz (Gretna, NE)

This style of passport stop is one of our favorites. It’s so interesting to me how generations have lived. Take a peek at Teacher Mikey! (Henderson Mennonite Heritage Museum and Park – Henderson)

10.27.20 Flowers all around us

by Ashley Ortiz (Gretna, NE)

Oh my gosh, we didn’t even want to leave this gorgeous location! We could have strolled through the flowers all day. Props to the owners for developing such a beautiful locale. (Harmony Nursery and Daylily Farm in Humboldt)

10.27.20 PB&J Burger!?!???

by Ashley Ortiz (Gretna, NE)

Against my better judgment, I tried the burger with peanut butter and jelly…. and boy was I glad I did! Even after the 45-minute drive home in a to-go box, it was the BEST burger I’d had in a long … READ MORE »

10.27.20 Finished passport stops!

by Katie Tank (Fremont, NE)

Finished this awesome adventure with our 4-year-old twins!! We had breakdowns and hospital visits but it was all worth it!! Seeing awesome sceneries and meeting great store owners!

10.27.20 The Farmer’s Wife

by Jerri Thompson (Omaha, NE)

The Farmer’s Wife in Lindsay, NE represents the entrepreneurial spirit of young Nebraskans. The owner is only 26, and she and her family designed and built the boutique and coffee shop from the ground up. It is unique and the … READ MORE »

10.27.20 Last stop

by Karen Ritter (Norfolk, NE)

Last weekend my friend and I finished off our 2020 Nebraska Passport stops. This is Steph who saved a stop close to home for her last stop. We had so much fun making memories!