08.3.20 Beautiful lilies and yummy jam

by Litsa Shoemaker (Omaha, NE)

We loved strolling around the beautiful flowers while being followed my a friendly dog and curious cat. We took home some delicious homemade jams.

Well, it was almost as if the bee sting was an omen of bad luck to come. We had prepped for this tent camp out, physically and mentally (mainly me on the mental part). Everything was going to plan, we … READ MORE »

08.3.20 Flowers, honey, and a bing sting

by Amanda (Omaha, NE)

We enjoyed walking around the flower garden and picking a few of our favorites. Can’t wait to try the honey! The owners were very sweet and brought out a plastic bag for us to use for our flowers when we … READ MORE »

08.3.20 Fore!!

by Katie Kersten (La Vista, NE)

We went to Beyond Golf in La Vista! It was a rainy day so we decided to do an indoor activity. It was so much fun! They played a dartboard game, that they loved. We ate lunch while we were … READ MORE »

08.3.20 Fun in the Trees

by Katie Kersten (La Vista, NE)

We went to Tree Adventure at Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City. We enjoyed climbing the rope walls, doing the Tree Adventure area, and sipping some apple cider from the gift shop.

08.3.20 Learning about the Past

by Katie Kersten (La Vista, NE)

We visited the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Trail and Visitor Center. We really enjoyed doing all the activities inside the visitor center and walking to the hut!

08.3.20 Going at it Solo

by Shannon Cook (Wood River, NE)

I usually have my crew with me which consists of 4 littles whose ages range from 9 and 3. I love enjoying and learning about Nebraska with them but this time I was away at work in North Platte and … READ MORE »

08.3.20 We all scream for ice cream!

by Mary Hicks (Woodbine, IA)

Took our grandkids, Cort and Gracyn Passporting to Double Drips Creamery, a wonderful ice cream shop in North Platte. We take our grandkids every year to some of our stops. It’s become a favorite summer tradition for us.

08.3.20 Amazing milkshakes and burgers!

by Litsa Shoemaker (Omaha, NE)

Don’t miss this! The burgers were so good and the shakes really hit the spot!

08.3.20 Getting wild with Bigfoot!

by Litsa Shoemaker (Omaha, NE)

From the minute you pull into the parking lot you are transported to Bigfoot territory! There was so much to look at! We had so much fun!