08.2.21 Spinning Wheel Demo

by Cheryl Gerkins (Lincoln, NE)

I admitted that I wasn’t very interested in spinning, weaving, knitting, etc, but proprietor still took the time to demonstrate how the spinning wheel worked, and how the yarn is spun at various thicknesses. It was fascinating. (Laughing Lamb Fibers)

08.2.21 Wet and Wild

by Sarah Hobbie (Nebraska City, NE)

Amazing time at Smith Falls. Spent some time walking the trails and playing in the cold water. It was a 90 degree day but the water was still so so cold. Smith Falls was gorgeous! Take the time to enjoy … READ MORE »

08.2.21 Our 70th stop!

by Michelle Courtney (Lincoln, NE)

We spent the last 4 days completing the last of the 70 stops. We traveled with our two puppies to all but 1 of the stops. A family adventure and a great way to see our state. We thought ending … READ MORE »

08.2.21 Meridian Bridge

by Isaac Paden (Fremont, NE)

This stop was fun for the whole family. We really enjoyed the walk across the bridge over looking the river. We also loved investigating all of the locks on the bridge. Must see! (Meridian Bridge)

08.2.21 Smith Falls, largest waterfall in Nebraska

by Isaac Paden (Fremont, NE)

One of our favorite stops! With a short half mile hike we were able to view and play under the largest waterfall in Nebraska. Be sure to pack your swim suit! (Smith Falls State Park)

08.2.21 Broken Spoke in Heart City

by Jenny Paden (Fremont, NE)

This cute little boutique has a variety of amazing products including clothing for adults and kids. They also have sweet toys for the kiddos that our girls loved!

08.2.21 Much Better Than Apple Juice!

by Marilyn Bork (Seward, NE)

What do you do on a hot day? You enjoy a cold beverage! We headed to Saro Cider in Lincoln to sample some cider. In order to try several varieties we opted for a flight. Each one was unique, but … READ MORE »

08.2.21 Prairie Adventure

by Gina Wiitanen (Omaha, NE)

Stuhr Museum offers a step back in time and allows you to experience prairie and pioneer times in this living history museum. It’s amazing checking out the buildings on the property and walking the land just as the pioneers of … READ MORE »

08.2.21 Gorgeous Landscape & Trails

by Gina Wiitanen (Omaha, NE)

Oh my gosh was this place gorgeous! We hiked a short trail and enjoyed seeing the tall bluffs surrounding us! Even the Warning: Rattlesnake signs didn’t scare us away! The western Nebraska landscape varies so much from our neck of … READ MORE »

08.2.21 Trails, Postcards, and Mae’s Coasters

by Gina Wiitanen (Omaha, NE)

I’m a little obsessed with the historical time of the pioneers…so seeing the ruts of the Oregon and California trail here at Rock Creek Station, wow! It was so cool! We also were able to go into one of pony … READ MORE »