10.7.19 Hidden Gem

by Rachel Moyer Liekhus (Lincoln, Nebraska)

What a fun little place! I have friends from York who didn’t even know this museum existed! We enjoyed learning about Ancient Rome and Egypt, and the kids had a blast in the Little Kingdom! (Clayton Ancient History Museum)

10.1.19 Saved the Best for Last

by Jim Bunch (Lincoln, Nebraska)

2019 becomes the fourth time we have visited every stop. Since we are regular guests at Kinkaider’s Lincoln Tap Room and Cindi had to meet a client in Broken Bow, what better place for Number 70! The Oktoberfest beer paired … READ MORE »

10.1.19 70 stops!

by Kaylei Margheim (Omaha, Nebraska)

WE DID IT! We had slowly been working on passport stops all summer, but changing jobs, having other commitments, and life happened. We had 50 stops as of September 27 and we were happy with the accomplishment. However, when our … READ MORE »

09.30.19 Perfect pumpkins from the garden

by Jesica Dunn (Lincoln, Nebraska)

We are down to the last 5 stamps and we found ourselves in Kearney at Andrew’s Garden. It was meant to be at the end because we found these perfect fall pumpkins for our front porch. We also left with … READ MORE »

09.30.19 Hours of fun

by Brittni (Albion, Nebraska)

I was a little hesitant taking my kids in here but it ended up being one of the most interesting stops we stopped at. Lee taught us about playing marbles and afterwards each kid picked out a few to take … READ MORE »

09.30.19 Sweet taste of 70 completed stops

by Brittni (Albion, Nebraska)

Today we celebrated getting our 70th stamp at J’s. Our my goodness this place was so fun. My kids enjoyed the “Unicorn” and “Happy” kids sundaes. They were little works of art! I had a bananas foster sundae sundae and … READ MORE »

09.30.19 Down to the wire:)

by Michele Anderson (Columbus, Nebraska)

WE DID IT!! We saved Mariposa boutique in Burwell for our final stop because it fell in the path of another adventure we love doing….junk jaunting!! This boutique was adorable and I found some great deals!! We have had a … READ MORE »

09.24.19 Number 70 and Ice Cream Yeah

by Dan Willis (Tabor, Iowa)

Nana and Papa had a great adventure with some of our grandkids visiting parts of Nebraska we had never seen. We are already looking forward to 2020.

09.23.19 Back to school treat

by Jenni Woodward (Waterloo, Nebraska)

After the first few days of school, we drove out for an after school snack. The environment was nostalgic and the variety and price was just right!

09.23.19 Our favorite!

by Jenni Woodward (Waterloo, Nebraska)

I’d heard about this mine for years. We finally visited it on a very warm day. We enjoyed the cool temperature during our educational guided tour. Then we hiked the hill on top and took in the beautiful view. I … READ MORE »