10.5.21 Nature makes a perfect family photo setting

by Jennifer Verbeck (Hastings, NE)

We decided to save the Arbor Lodge in Nebraska City for the end of the program season so we could attend the annual Applejack Festival. Pics that I took that weekend inspired family and friends back home to visit NE … READ MORE »

10.5.21 First vacation

by Jamie Stoll (Mitchell, NE)

My kids and I have never been on a vacation so we decided to start here, in our own state. There were so many places we didn’t know exsisted! We took a week long adventure across the state from west … READ MORE »

10.5.21 Go West, Young Man

by Marilyn Bork (Seward, NE)

Beautiful day to explore our history. Oregon-California wagon trails, Pony Express, Wild Bill Hickok, reconstructions of mid 1800’s ranches, wagon ruts from trails used long ago. We always marvel that people traveled by wagon over the perils of the prairies … READ MORE »

10.5.21 Prohibition Era Stop

by Marilyn Bork (Seward, NE)

Delicious food! Foamy beverages! Free appetizer for Passport holders! Tantalizing aroma! Interesting and informative Prohibition Era decor. Friendly waiter! It all added up to a wonderful experience at Tommy Gunz Bistro. We’ll go back.

10.5.21 More than lunch.

by Elizabeth Chartier (Springfield, NE)

Had lunch at the Hyannis Hotel with extended family and stayed for a very small town Homecoming parade.

10.5.21 Locked In Love Forever!

by Deb Ortega (Lincoln, NE)

Been together in love for over 42 years but we had never even heard of the Meridian Bridge linking Nebraska with South Dakota!!! We were excited to take part in the tradition of hanging a lock on the bridge to … READ MORE »

10.5.21 Cool Cat Visits Blue Cat

by Deb Ortega (Lincoln, NE)

The Blue Cat Gallery was a very cool art gallery. The exhibit theme was farm so there were lots of works of art that interested even the youngest member in our group!!!

10.5.21 Amazing food and drink!!!

by Deb Ortega (Lincoln, NE)

Oh why isn’t this place closer to our house??? Absolutely top notch cocktails and delicious dining. The salad bar was wonderful!!! Just the place for a late lunch when heading through the Sandhills!!! (Grazer’s Bar & Grill, Arnold)

10.5.21 Family Friendly Place

by Deb Ortega (Lincoln, NE)

We visited here on a Saturday afternoon and happy to find out their were lots of choices of great beer on tap for the adults and snacks the Grands enjoyed!!! (District Tap & Table, Norfolk)

10.5.21 Feeling like a cowboy…

by Deb Ortega (Lincoln, NE)

The history of the Hyannis Hotel goes back well over 100 years! It was a most welcome stop to cool off with a cold drink even after traveling the hot dusty trail in the comfort of an air conditioned SUV!! … READ MORE »