10.27.20 Summer of 2020 road trip adventure

by Karen Ritter (Norfolk, NE)

What do 2 friends of almost 40 years do when they had a trip to Vegas planned and Covid strikes? They order 2020 Nebraska Passports and travel throughout the state of Nebraska! As we embarked on our first road trip … READ MORE »

10.27.20 A Welcome home

by Daniele Moomey (Lincoln, NE)

Moving back to Nebraska after 18 years on the East Coast, I told my friends that I wanted to see Nebraska this summer with fresh eyes. I was told about the Nebraska Passport and knew that was my excuse! As … READ MORE »

10.27.20 Cold but refreshing

by Melissa Martin (Shelton, NE)

So I know it is technically not a stop this year, but I e of our favorite all time passport stops has always been Smith Falls. We love it so much that we make it a point to visit every … READ MORE »

10.27.20 Beautiful tribute

by Terry Kamprath (Seward, NE)

When we arrived in Humboldt, NE and saw the Southeast Nebraska Cancer garden we were in awe so beautiful and peaceful 😊😊

10.27.20 First Time For Everything

by Melissa Martin (Shelton, NE)

This is the 4th year my family has done the passport program. Never did I ever think anyone would come when we were doing it in the snow!!

10.27.20 Rainy Day Adventure

by Ashley Ortiz (Gretna, NE)

A little rain didn’t stop us from enjoying a morning exploring the grounds and activities at Arbor Day Farms. The rain closed the Tree Adventure but there were still lots to see and do.

10.27.20 Curbside Donuts

by Ashley Ortiz (Gretna, NE)

We were thankful this shop found a way to stay open by serving their goods as a ‘curbside service.’ Loved the Kimball Bakery and Merrycakes.

10.27.20 Nice view at Niobrara

by Melissa Martin (Shelton, NE)

We enjoyed a day trip to Niobrara State Park. The view was beautiful and we explored the park discussing potential return visits.

10.27.20 An afternoon walk

by Melissa Martin (Shelton, NE)

Because the museum was closed, we enjoyed a walk around the grounds at the Henerson Mennonite Museum and Park. It was very interesting looking and we hope to go back for an actual tour sometime soon.

10.27.20 Fun w/grandsons @ Tree Adventure

by Joan Prenosil (Omaha, NE)

We took our 4 grandsons to Tree Adventure in August and had a wonderful time. Walking from tree house to tree house, jumping on the giant trampoline, doing the zip line, balancing on the giant wood teeter-totter, climbing the giant … READ MORE »