09.15.20 Taking a break

by Carolyn Flint (Omaha, NE)

Just a fun little road trip to spend some time with my sweetheart for our 15th Anniversary. We love traveling the back roads because you can find so many quaint fun little things off the beaten path. Our favorite in … READ MORE »

09.15.20 How Sweet It Is!

by David and Patricia Miller Shipley (Elgin, NE)

Patricia is enjoying her first year doing the Passport, while David is a five year veteran champion. Both widowed, their relationship began as piano duet partners, then quarantine partners, culminating in their marriage in September. They decided to Passport for … READ MORE »

09.15.20 Patriot Day

by Mary Paulsen (Funk, NE)

A wonderful display of amazing aircraft and interesting artifacts at the Strategic Air Command Museum in Ashland. We took a guided tour and learned a lot. The neckties in the photo commemorate the lives lost in 9/11 and the Twin … READ MORE »

09.11.20 What a ride!

by Bill Nelson (Lincoln, NE)

We started this adventure 5 weeks ago when another couple picked up books at Baker’s Chocolates and encouraged us to join then on the Passport tour. So, off we went on a sunny Saturday morning around Southeast Nebraska — what … READ MORE »

09.10.20 I love you Nebraska

by Shannon Cook (Wood River, NE)

It was terrific getting out in the panhandle to visit all the stops, What I really enjoy about these trips is getting to revisit old stops that have been on years prior. One of the coolest treasures I’ve come across … READ MORE »

09.10.20 New Happy Hour Treat

by Darlene Dvorak (Lincoln, NE)

I visited Cellar 426 in Ashland last weekend and found something new to take home and try out. Homemade Apple Pie Cider! Yes, they have not only wine, but cider. I had to wait a day because I wanted to … READ MORE »

09.10.20 Always something new to try

by Darlene Dvorak (Lincoln, NE)

This was my first visit to Baker’s in Greenwood since the expanded. The make your own bag of melt always is always one of my purchases. There is now even more to select from so I can also find something … READ MORE »

09.10.20 It’s not always where you are but adventure getting there!

by Opal Feeney (Maxwell, NE)

We completed all 70 stops, but the scenery along the was most remarkable.

09.10.20 Bones, Beeswax, Beer, and Buffalo

by Marilyn Mannschreck (Syracuse, NE)

My husband & I and two of my sisters did a 3night 4 day tour of Mid and Northern Nebraska hitting 21 stops. We saw “the best art gallery I’ve ever seen” according to my husband at Bone Creek Museum … READ MORE »

09.10.20 The Colors of Western Nebraska

by Marilyn Mannschreck (Syracuse, NE)

My husband, Eldon, and I rode his motorcycle from Syracuse in Southeast Nebraska to Scottsbluff where we met friends who brought their motorcycle from Greeley Colorado. We saw 21 of the passport stops in the trip and the beauty of … READ MORE »