10.27.20 Missed Chance

by Norma Thomspon (Salem, NE)

Each grandchild and I participated for the third year. This granddaughter and one brother came to Tree Adventure in June, but the park was not open yet. Two of her brothers and this grandma to really did enjoy it in … READ MORE »

10.19.20 A Snowy Adventure!

by Jeannine Glesmann (Omaha, NE)

We went on a road trip and found snow! We had a small snowball fight along the way to this amazing garden of statues. What a fun way to spend the day! (Mignery Bronze Garden – Barlett)

10.19.20 Fun summer

by Amber Benda (Omaha, NE)

We loved taking a few day trips to get our stamps! It was a great way to visit new places!!!

10.19.20 Girl’s Trip

by Mary Frerichs (Beaver Crossing, NE)

After a Summer of pandemic restrictions, my daughter and grand daughter took pity on me and whisked me away for a whirlwind trip of Nebraska Passport stops! It was exactly what this lonely heart needed, and I will never forget … READ MORE »

10.19.20 Bartlett sculptures

by Michelle Courtney (Lincoln, NE)

Enjoyed our drive to Bartlett today to see the sculptures at the courthouse!

10.19.20 First time completing!

by Margaret Seidel (Ord, NE)

Our first time completing all 70 stops and if it wasn’t for covid, we may have never gotten cabin fever and may never have decided to do day trips to new spots! So many neat places to see and do! … READ MORE »

10.19.20 Popping around

by Ashley Ortiz (Gretna, NE)

Probably the largest selection of unique popcorn flavors I’ve seen! Definitely snag the cheddar jalapeño! I really wish we’d tried more. (AquaPop – Wayne)

10.19.20 Relaxing stroll

by Ashley Ortiz (Gretna, NE)

What a quaint setting and unique business concept. Escape the hustle and bustle of life with a relaxing stroll through the flowers and take some home to remember your experience! (Simpler Thymes Flower Farm – Norfolk)

10.19.20 Great end to the day

by Ashley Ortiz (Gretna, NE)

What a relaxing end to the day with a wonderful tasting selection. Also lucky enough to have a couple of vendors that day so also took cookies home! (Tall Tree Tastings – Beatrice)

10.19.20 Books and more

by Ashley Ortiz (Gretna, NE)

Yet another great find for books and gifts. Word to the wise, don’t let your son choose the mini-Lego set or you’ll be trying to put it together for HOURS! Haha