Road Trip Lovers

This was our first year participating in the passport program. My thirteen-year-old daughter and twin three-year-old boys truly discovered their love of road trip adventures this year as we worked our way around the state. During our big trip to western Nebraska, we made a side trip up to the Black Hills and ended up being caught in a hail storm that totaled our minivan. We were still able to drive home and hit all our passport stops on our way, but a new vehicle had to be figured out. As I started shopping around, thinking about how much fun my kids and I have had on the road, I decided on an SUV with a hitch with the goal of making our next big purchase a small camper! A little camper would certainly make our adventures even more fun! We can’t wait to jump into the 2021 Passport season, with camper in-tow hopefully, and visit even more hidden treasures across our beautiful state!