Small Kitchen – Big Flavor

We had a full day visiting the panhandle and wanted to grab something for dinner before we headed to Fort Robinson to stay for the night. I called ahead to see if they could make anything gluten free and gave me a few items – so we were in good shape. It was great that they were open late and could accommodate us. We rolled in maybe around 8:00 and enjoyed the wait for our food at the picnic table overlooking the beautiful landscape. Our food was great and hit the spot. We greeted an older couple on their way out of the restaurant and got to talking to them. With us being primarily city folks, we learned about the challenges they had in raising livestock in the sandhills, and finding “good grass” for the animals. We learned a lot and plus they told us some pretty funny stories. We congratulated them on their 65th wedding anniversary and offered to buy them a treat. They appreciated it but they were ready to be on their way home. One benefit of the passport is to meet people local to the area and hear their stories…it’s how we learn to understand new perspectives and about our fellow citizens. This was a special stop in that regard for sure!

(Q’s Dairy Sweet)