What a ride!

We started this adventure 5 weeks ago when another couple picked up books at Baker’s Chocolates and encouraged us to join then on the Passport tour. So, off we went on a sunny Saturday morning around Southeast Nebraska — what fun! Things we’ve never seen, have seen in a new light, and old things that were revisited! Since that first day, we spent the following three Saturdays mapping out routes and enjoying each other’s company and the sites. Nebraska is truly amazing! Then, last weekend, we spent Thurs-Sun traveling the fantastically beautiful Sandhills and Northeast Nebraska. This trip was truly humbling and gratifying. Makes us immensely proud to be Nebraskan’s. Two of us were able to visit our childhood home towns and where we went to college. We met some really great people, sampled some awesome foods and drink, and of course, had to purchase a lot of items along the way! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for putting the Passport on! We’re looking forward to next year!!!