What a wonderful way to travel.

Our Nebraska Passport Experience, 2020

My husband Gene and I decided to do the Nebraska Passport this year, mainly because of the pandemic. We love to travel and had been doing our own road trips when things started shutting down. What a wonderful surprise we had as we began our journey. There were places almost in our backyard that we had never known about. Very interesting places!
We were particularly amazed at the bronze sculptures at Bartlett. Who would have thought that such a small village would have such an amazing treasure? The sculptures are so intricate. We were blessed to meet the Ambassador of Mingrey Sculpture Garden. The gentleman was a classmate of the donor, Herb Mingrey, a native son.
The Mennonite Heritage Park at Henderson is beautifully kept. It wasn’t open when we were there so I’m hoping to go back at a later date and tour it. Just up the road at Bradshaw was Harmony Nursery & Daylily Farm. It is so huge and so beautiful. They have a stunning array of day-lilies plus so many other plants. Nearby Chances R Restaurant in York is always an amazing place to dine!
We were awestruck touring the Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center Memorial Garden at Humbolt. Another secret gem in a small town. The garden is the labor of love by a group of local ladies. It’s hard to believe they have done all that they have.
Up the road from there we found Honeybees in the Heartland at Auburn. I was curious about this one. We couldn’t find ‘the’ place to get stamped, turns out it was all over town. There are 26 bee sculptures here and there. They created a scavenger hunt and other fun activities and we received those papers plus honey in plastic pixie sticks.
Of course we had to take a ride on One of the World’s Largest Porch Swings in Hebron. We met a local lady who was so friendly and helpful. Meeting people all over the state was definitely a hug perk of this trip. It truly showed us Nebraska Nice in the flesh!
The Madrid General Store was a delightful experience. I had Googled it on the way and learned it’s unusual pronunciation. Of course I had to ask about that and how fun to get the back story!
I hate to leave any place out. Each one was so unique, but you’ll have to go and experience them yourself. Believe me, it’s more than worth the effort. We did some backtracking just to claim the digital stamps and catch something we missed. We arrived at Potter at the wrong time to have a Tin Roof Sundae. We’d just had breakfast and I just couldn’t do it, but I’m thinking we’ll go back. It’s a bit of a drive for us, 360 miles, but so worth it! We put on 3,282 miles in all, but we collected all the stamps! Yea us!
Thank you, Nebraska Tourism Commission for putting together such an excellent program. I’ve had friends from other states wishing that their state would do something like this. You rock!

Gene and Ardith Schueth
Humphrey, NE