For seven years, the Nebraska Passport program has grown and captured the curiosity of travelers. With over 20,000+ participants in recent years, the Passport program is an unforgettable experience.

How many Nebraska stops are featured on the Passport each year?

Each year we feature 80 stops that give travelers fresh ideas for where their paths can take them — to every corner and region in the state, showcasing beautiful scenery, interesting destinations, and more.

How many stops do participants have to visit?

Passport participants can visit as many stops as they wish – one stop or all 80.

What do participants do at the Passport stops?

At each Passport stop participants receive a stamp, either in a booklet or a digital stamp on the Nebraska Passport app. Participants then turn in their stamps and receive prizes.

Request your 2017 Passport booklet, or download the Passport app

What are the prizes?

Prizes change each year. Prizes are given for collecting set numbers of stamps. For example, 2016 Passport participants received the following prizes:

  • If they received 10 stamps, they won a t-shirt
  • If they received 20 stamps, they won a travel mug
  • If they received 40 stamps, they won a selfie stick
  • If they received 60 stamps, they won a duffel bag
  • If they received 80 stamps, they won a gift basket

The prizes are cumulative. For example, if a participant visited all 80 stops, they received all 5 prizes.

How long do participants have to collect stamps?

The Nebraska Passport program runs May 1st to September 30th. Prize entry forms must be postmarked by September 30th, or submitted through the Nebraska Passport digital app by September 30th.

2016 is Best year yet for Nebraska Passport program

LINCOLN, Neb. (Oct. 24, 2016)— The tales shared by travelers on tell a story of an exciting summer for the participants of the 2016 Nebraska Passport program. Some saying, “We never knew that there were this many wonderful places to visit,” and “Lots of miles, lots of fun.” This year 168 participants submitted Passports with all 80 stops stamped, that number is more than double the amount Nebraska Tourism received in 2015.

One of those go-getters is Jo Hogan of Ponca, Neb., the winner of the grand prize drawing in the 2016 Nebraska Passport program. She will receive an Omaha Steaks Culinary Calendar package valued at over $1,000, in addition to other small program prizes. Hogan said, “Our friends who participated in the Nebraska Passport tour in the past were so enthused and complimentary that my daughter Kim and I decided to embark on a summer mother-daughter adventure across our great state. Throughout the course of our journey we learned a lot about Nebraska. We laughed until our sides hurt, had numerous adventures and made many new friends along the way, proving how friendly Nebraskans really are. This was a memorable trip of a lifetime and we can’t wait to do it again.”

The winner of the 300 Nebraska Lottery scratch coupons for this year’s Passport program is David Gilman of Elkhorn, Neb.

Travelers who visited participating locations and collected stamps could also earn prize t-shirts, duffle bags, selfie sticks, coffee mugs and gift baskets with Nebraska-made products.

Passport program coordinator, Erin Wirth, commented, “I am thrilled with the success of this year’s Passport program. I am overwhelmed with positive feedback from both the Passport destinations and the participants. Each year the program helps more and more people discover the hidden gems of Nebraska while creating lifelong memories.”

2016 Passport program Statistics:

  • More than 26,440 travelers participated in the program
  • 1,292 Passports were submitted for prizes (more than double as many as 2015)
  • 87,492 total stamps were collected (more than three times as many as 2015)
  • The average number of stamps on submitted Passports was 30
  • The most visited stop was the Museum of the Fur Trade in Chadron
  • Participants included Nebraska residents from over 219 communities and 28 states
  • Nebraska on Film was the most popular tour

Meet some of the people who completed all 80 stops: