Getting Your Prizes!

  • One prize entry sheet per person. People in the same household can receive their own prizes if they submit their own prize entry forms. Families may submit one prize entry sheet for multiple people and receive up to 4 t-shirts per household, but will not receive multiples of the other prizes.
  • Prizes are not ordered until after the program is over on Sept. 30. The final date to collect stamps is Saturday, Sept. 30.

    Envelopes must be postmarked by Oct. 2, 2017 and digital stamps must be submitted by Oct. 2, 2017. On page 43 of the Passport booklet it says to allow up to 10 weeks after Sept. 30 to receive your prizes. However, we are going to try our best to get them to you as soon after Sept. 30 as possible.

  • If you collected both booklet stamps and digital stamps,

    you can mail your booklet stamps to the address on the prize entry form and submit your digital stamps through the app by clicking on the drop down menu and “Submit Passport.” You can submit these stamps at any time. Once we receive both your booklet and digital stamps, Nebraska Tourism staff will combine your stamp totals to determine your prizes.

  • When mailing your prize entry sheets, you are welcome to put more than one prize entry sheet in your envelope. Separate envelopes for each prize entry ARE NOT required.

Number of Stamps Collected

The following prizes are cumulative. For example, if you reach all 80 stops, you receive all 5 prizes. If you reach 20 stops, you receive a t-shirt and a mug.

10 Stamps

Official 2017 Nebraska Passport T-Shirt

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20 Stamps

Official Nebraska 150 Ceramic Mug

40 Stamps

Bakers Chocolates Gift Box

60 Stamps

2018 Nebraska Tourism Calendar

80 Stamps

Passport Gift Box, including:

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Grand Prize Drawing

Omaha Steaks Butcher’s Share:
A Quarter of Beef + Free Chest Freezer

If you reach all 80 stops, you will automatically be entered into this drawing.

Share your Passport stories and with each tale you tell, you’ll earn one entry into the drawing.

Other Drawings

Additional prize drawings for all participants who turn in prize entry sheets with at least 1 stamp:

One of 4 Nebraska weekend trips ($500 value each)

300 $1 Nebraska Lottery Scratch tickets

For Each Completed Tour

$15 in Nebraska Lottery Coupons

To complete a tour, you must get stamps from all 8 stops in one of the 10 themed tours. For example, if you get stamps from all 8 stops under the “Thrills & Chills” tour, you will receive $15 in Nebraska Lottery coupons.