I have a deep love for the Sandhills, I grew up on the edge and my Grandparents were immersed deep in them. We had a planned trip to the Sandhills for a Graduation so we made an unplanned trip to 6 Passport stops along the way. Happy Jack Chalk Mine was a favorite of the childrens, they especially loved the chunk of chalk they were given to bring home. The theatre in Ord was beautiful and so amazing. Love seeing the growth in small towns. Atkinson had the most amazing gift store I have ever been in. It felt like Christmas in every corner! On the way home we were able to hike in Halsey and view the prairie from the top of the fire tower. Next was the hotel in Broken Bow. I am trying to find a reason to justify a stay there because it was so beautiful. Ashton had a lovely little museum called the Polish Heritage Center. The ladies working were very knowledgeable and I learned a lot. We can’t wait to hit more stops this summer!