About the Nebraska Passport App

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How It Works


Every Passport traveler should download the Nebraska Passport app, even if you are only collecting booklet stamps.

The 2024 Nebraska Passport app is now available. 


Through the app you will receive notifications about unexpected Passport stop hour changes and important announcements. The app includes directions to the stops through Google or Apple maps. You can also use the Passport app to get digital stamps 24 hours a day.


How do I get the Nebraska Passport app?

The app is free to download and is available for both iPhones and Androids; simply search for “Nebraska Passport 2024” in your app store or use the links below. You can create multiple accounts on one phone, so multiple people can collect stamps by logging in and out of accounts. The 2024 Nebraska Passport app is now available.


How does getting digital stamps work?

The app works with your phone’s location services to detect if you are at a Passport stop. If you are at a Passport stop, you will simply be able to press “Stamp” to collect your digital stamp. You are able to receive stamps even if you aren’t getting cell phone service.

Have an Apple device?

Requires iOS 12.0 or later.


Have an Android device?

Requires Android 8.0 and up


App Troubleshooting

Updating to 2023:

You will need to go into your app store and update the app, even if you have the previous years downloaded on your phone. Simply search "2024 Nebraska Passport" in your store and click update. The 2024 Nebraska Passport app is now available.

Apple users: the 2024 Passport app requires iOS 12.0 or later.

Android users: the 2024 Passport app requires Android 8.0 and up

Need help finding how to update your software? 

  • Apple: Settings - General - Software Update
  • Android: Settings - System - Advanced - System Update
Getting started:

Your account information from 2023 did not carry over. So, when you begin Passporting you will need to go in and create a new account. You can do this by either clicking "Sign Up" and putting in your information or by selecting "Sign in with Apple" or "Sign in with Google." 

  • Be sure your personal information is all entered and correct in order to receive your prizes at the end of the season. This includes your address, date of birth (optional), phone number (optional) and t-shirt size. You can check this under your account - click "Editing personal info" below for instructions. 
Allowing location services:

Be sure you have enabled location services for the Passport app.

Click this link for instructions for both Apple and Andriod devices: https://www.yelp-support.com/article/How-do-I-enable-Location-Services-on-my-mobile-device?l=en_US

Resetting your password:
  • Clik "Log In"
  • Click "Forgot Your Password?"
  • Enter the email associated with your account
  • Wait until an email arrives in your inbox for further instructions.
    • Not seeing an email? Be sure to check your spam or junk folders.
  • Enter the new desired password
  • All done! Go back into the "Log In" screen and proceed as normal. 
Editing personal info:
  • While on the app main screen, click the "i" icon on the top lefthand corner of your screen
  • Click "Account"
  • Click the purple "Edit" button at the bottom of the page
  • Enter updated or new information needed
  • Click "Save"

NOTE: The only personal information that cannot be edited is your email address. 

Stamps disappeared:

Rest assured, you didn't lose all your stamps! This means that you logged in with a different email than the one your stamps are under. This may have happened by logging in through Apple or Andriod instead of through an email, or vice versa. If you don't know what account your stamps are under, contact 402-471-3789 or [email protected] and we can let you know. 

Also, you are free to get stamps on the second account until we can get the original one recovered. We are able to transfer stamps between accounts when needed. 

How to log into the correct account: Go to Passport home screen - click the "i" on the top left hand corner - tap account - tap "Log Out" - sign in using the correct email address

Not close enough:

This is usually just a glitch. Please email [email protected] or call 402-471-3789 and we will get this sorted for you.

Missed stamp:

Did you forget to stamp your app while at the destination? Or perhaps thought you stamped and it didn't work? No worries. Email [email protected] or call 402-471-3789 and we will fix it.