Discover Nebraska’s Hidden Gems

The purpose of the Nebraska Passport is to help travelers discover Nebraska’s hidden gems. The Nebraska Passport is special because it offers a wide variety of travel adventures, including museums, parks, restaurants, wineries, retail stores and more. The 2021 Nebraska Passport program runs from May 1 to September 30, 2021.

How the Passport Works

  • At each Passport stop, participants visit they receive a stamp, either in a Nebraska Passport booklet or a digital stamp on the Nebraska Passport app. It is acceptable for an individual to collect stamps in both the booklet and the app and submit all their stamps for prizes.
  • Stamps can be collected from May 1 to September 3o.
  • Participants then turn in their stamps and receive prizes.
  • There is no fee to participate in the Nebraska Passport program. There is no purchase necessary to receive Passport stamps at the Passport stops.

Request Booklets & Download the App

  • 2022 Nebraska Passport booklets are available for request here
  • Every Passport traveler should also download the Nebraska Passport app. Through the app, you will receive notifications about unexpected Passport stop hour changes and important announcements.
  • The 2022 Nebraska Passport app update will be available for both iPhones and Androids on May 1, 2022. Simply search for “Nebraska Passport 2022” in your app store. [Minimum requirements are Android 6 and iOS 10.]

Passport Prizes & Donations

Participation Prizes:

  • 10 Stamps: $5 in Nebraska Lottery Coupons* and commemorative magnet
  • 25 Stamps: Visit Nebraska Calender
  • 50 Stamps: Nebraska Passport canvas bag
  • 70 Stamps: Passport champion t-shirt and picnic blanket as well as an additional $45 in Nebraska Lottery coupons*
    • Additional champion kids prize: Voucher for free admission at Tree Adventures at Arbor Day Farm
  • NOTE: Participants must be 19-years old or older by Oct 1, 2021 to recieve lottery vouchers. Parents connot recieve vouchers on their child’s behalf. 

Passport Tools

Passport Activities

Nebraska Passport’s Impact

According to the study done by Dean Runyan Associates, in 2019, the Nebraska Passport program not only generated $23.7 million in traveler spending but $1.9 million in state and local tax revenue. For every dollar Nebraska Tourism invested in the program, $150 was generated in traveler spending and $12.30 was generated in tax revenue. Participants included residents from 37 states and 418 Nebraska communities. Additionally, the study found that 82 percent of passport participants made an overnight trip with 81 percent of them staying in traditional lodging.