From Vine to Glass: Unveiling the Hidden Gem of the Cornhusker State!

Are you a passionate wine amateur, or just curious?  Explore Nebraska's vineyards and discover how its authenticity is revealed in every glass, through wines of exceptional quality, capturing the essence of its unique terroir. Book your journey now, sip and savor excellence!

An unexpected terroir 

Nebraska boasts wineries scattered across its diverse terrain, ranging from Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard nestled along the picturesque Missouri River bluffs to Niobrara Valley Vineyards situated amidst the breathtaking Sandhills. 

Passionate winemakers

Frequently, you'll find the owners themselves tending to the bars at Nebraska wineries, such as Ron and Sherry Heskett of Whisky Run Creek in Brownville. They might even personally escort you down to explore the captivating cave beneath their property, adding a special touch to your visit. 


Varietal diversity 

Nebraska's vineyards have found great success with French hybrid grapes, which are well-suited to the state's climate. You can observe these thriving grapes on the vine at charming destinations like Miletta Vista Winery near St. Paul and Mac's Creek Winery & Brewery in Lexington.


An authentic experience for visitors 

In addition to their exceptional wines, some wineries in Nebraska provide unique experiences for visitors. For example, Slattery Vintage Estates - Vineyard and Tasting Room offers more than just wine tasting; they also offer the opportunity to stay in glamping tents, adding an extra touch of adventure and luxury to your visit. To taste a glass of Nebraska wine is to discover the soul of a state that reveals itself with every sip, offering an authentic experience to all who are ready to explore it.


Growing recognition 

Several wineries in Nebraska have garnered recognition for their exceptional wines. For instance, James Arthur's Nebraska Vineyards was awarded Double Gold at the International Eastern Wine Competition in 2014. Similarly, Schilling Bridges' Edelweiss received the prestigious 2006 Double Gold in the varietal category and was named the best-of-show in the white category at the 19th Annual Florida State International Wine and Juice Competition.